With the rise of cities worldwide, it is getting harder and harder to spot beautiful birds. We commonly see pigeons, crows, sparrows, etc., in the towns.

However, approximately 10,000+ bird species live and breed across seven continents. Birds could be as small as a child’s palm or larger than adult size. Each bird has different feather colors, ranging from black, grey, blue, green, yellow, red, white, etc., like a color palette.

Let’s check out some of the pretty birds!

It is always pleasant to watch the birds flying in the sky or resting peacefully on the branch.

Taking photos of birds is another story. It requires a lot of patience, bearing with the hot sun and the insects bite when traversing the grove. You have to be quiet and blend into the environment to avoid scaring the birds away.

If you have the chance to take a break, visit any of the nature reserves, slow down your pace, listen to the birds chirping, and enjoy the peace. You would get a different photography experience that you might fall in love with it 😉

by James Tan

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