Flowers always give us a refreshing and motivating feel. We see them almost everywhere, e.g., the decoration during the festival period, new shop opening, garden, roadside, river, etc.

They are rich in colors with various shapes and sizes. You may be surprised and amazed by the creativity of mother nature.

Let’s check out some of the beautiful flowers now!

Almost everyone who had just started the photography would try taking photos of flowers at the beginning.

The flower is a good practicing target to get you to familiarize yourself with your camera settings, looking for perfect composition, with the combination of beautiful sunlight or crystal clear water drops.

Unless you are shooting them on a windy day, they sit there quietly (okay, maybe stand there instead) and show you the best they have.

What are you waiting for? Let’s look for the beautiful flowers and brush up on your photography skills!

by James Tan

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