Penang Island, Malaysia

Penang is a state in the northwest of Malaysia, which comprises Penang Island and mainland Seberang Perai. Its capital – George Town, is located at Penang Island.

I spent a few days in Penang Island to explore the cultural town and its famous foods. The famous Kek Lok Si temple, historical murals, street wire arts, asam laksa, cendol, fried Kway Teow, apom (a traditional Chinese pancake), etc., are available in this small but wonderful town.

Let’s check it out the island now!

Penang Island is a peaceful and neat town in Malaysia.

The “treasure hunt” for the street arts and murals was fun, especially to fill up the journey with delicious foods and fantastic desserts. I love the traditional food, the murals, the street arts, friendly folks, and the fresh air!

I would recommend a 3-4 day short trip exploring Penang Island to relax and replenish yourself!

by James Tan

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