Singapore is a sovereign island city-state country. It is a tiny but well-developed country with multi-races living around.

Despite the typical iron and steel city buildings, plenty of plants and trees are planted along the street and even within the building itself. Therefore, Singapore is also known as the Garden-city.

Let’s check out the wonderful city now!

Singapore is a small well-developed country with many modern facilities and natural plants. It has no distinctive seasons and maintains a hot temperature range from 23 to 33 degrees Celcius.

Due to the multi races residents and international working talents staying in Singapore, there are many delicious foods from Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Japanese, Korean, and more. A proper meal varies from as cheap as SGD 2 to a premium hundred dollars.

The transport system is highly convenient. You could take a bus or MRT (railway) to almost any place you want to go at an affordable price (usually below SGD 3). If you want to save your time or rush to your destination, it is easy to book a taxi or Grab car with a… hmmm, a premium as well (could easily hit SGD 30).

I love the highly secure and clean environment with convenient transports. The city has many more places to explore further, and I’m excited to bring you more beautiful photos of these places.

Did you visit Singapore before? How do you feel about it? Feel free to share your experience with me 😉

by James Tan

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