Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a big and beautiful city with a mixture of modern buildings and a natural environment.

I love the people, places, and foods in Taipei. Most of the people are friendly and polite. The places are clean with refreshing air. The foods are tasty at an affordable price!

Let’s check out the wonderful city now!

Taipei has a very convenient railway transport system that covers most of the famous places. However, if you want to certain nature reserve parks like Yeh Liu, you may want to consider booking a one-day driver to bring you to those far-reach places. It will save you a lot of time and hassle for traveling.

Foods like braised pork rice, giant chicken cutlet, Yong He Soy Milk & Youtiao, braised basket (mixed of various parts of pig, intense, tofu, eggs, chicken wings, vegetables, and so on), egg crepe rolls, stinky tofu, and a lot more foods are delicious and worth the effort to hunt for them. Please note that many of the foods contain pork or beef, so you may have to clarify further if you want to avoid consuming any of them.

I will suggest a 7 to 10 days trip to explore Taipei at a comfortable pace.

by James Tan

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