Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a big and beautiful city with a mixture of modern buildings and a natural environment.

Taipei is one of my favorite cities that I visited. It is clean, neat, and very safe to explore every corner of the city alone. I’m so lucky to get a few days of good sunny weather during my trip to Taipei.

Let’s check out the wonderful city now!

One of the challenges to shoot the cityscapes in a newly visiting city is the planning. What are the landmarks to be included? How to reach the specific place? What’s the weather of the day?

During the few days trip, you have to keep on the pace, take the shoots and move on to the next location. Unless you are paid to shoot the specific landmark, don’t spend your whole trip on the same place. Explore different places and you might get home with more fabulous shoots.

Well, have you visited Taipei before? Which part of the city is your most favorite place? Feel free to share with me your amazing work 😉

by James Tan

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