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The photoshoot service is only available in Singapore currently. It will be a non-studio photoshoot session. We may discuss the location in more detail through the contact section below.

I use two full-frame professional Sony mirrorless cameras with several full-frame glasses.

Generally, yes.

I love nature lights, as most peoples are. The idea of using flash is to complement the ambient light to make you look better, e.g., give a spark in your eyes, reduce/eliminate unwanted shadows on your face, etc.

Standard editing, like color grading, exposure correction, photo contrast, etc., will be applied to all the good photos. Good photos refer to those properly focused (you instead of the wall is in-focused) and ideal poses (smiling instead of yawning).

You can expect to receive your photos with a consistent look and feel through your personalized online gallery.

In short, I give a 99.99% guarantee for your photo delivery. The 0.01% is catered for unforeseen circumstances, e.g., a flight smashed my transport, a meteor crashed with my office, etc.

I use two cameras all the time, and each camera records your precious moment into two memory cards simultaneously. Besides, I will swap the memory cards at each logical point of event locations, e.g., home vs. hotel ceremony. Eventually, I will transfer all the shots into my office RAID storage after the photoshoot.

Therefore, there will be at least 4 raw copies available for processing before I deliver the final images to you.

Weddings / Events

You will get between 30 and 50 standard-edited good photos for each hour of shooting.

In short, no.

I prefer to capture your natural beauty through different angles and posing so that your family and friend will be “Wow!!! That’s you!!!” instead of “Hmm??? Is that you?!?”.

However, I will do minor skin-retouching if you are kissed by mosquitos or suddenly have a few panic pimples.

Weddings and similar events are always filled with laughter and happiness. I visualize the atmosphere as bright, natural, and timeless and thus apply them to your photos.

Feel free to browse my galleries to get a sense of my editing style. It is my highest priority to deliver consistent look and feel photos in your gallery.


Look at your loved one, smile and laugh happily, and enjoy the day. I will signal you to look at my camera only when necessary, e.g., group photos, dedicated couple shots, etc.

Photo Delivery

Usually, I will send you a few highlights of the photoshoot session within 3 following days. You shall expect to receive the full gallery in 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the photoshoot duration.

I will deliver your photos in softcopy through your personalized online gallery. The personalized online gallery is available for 1 year from the delivery date. You may download the photos from the personalized online gallery before it is housekept.

You may contact me through the contact section below to check about the availability of photo archival.

However, there is no guarantee of archival availability; thus, it is advisable to download and keep multiple copies from your personalized online gallery within the 1-year delivery.

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