Each couple has a different kind of energy, shy, calm, charming, cheerful, etc. I visualize the energy through different color-grading in the couple’s wedding photos, on top of the generally bright and airy look.


With the mind of preserving the accurate colors of the products, I associate product shots with a contrasty and pop-in-color appearance to give them a modern and stylish feel.

Life Stories

I always bring a camera along anytime, anywhere. It could be as simple as a phone’s camera, a more advanced compact camera, or even a professional camera. It keeps the momentum of doing photography outside of my work yet turns precious moments into captured memories.

Would you like to get someone to try out and share your fantastic photography gadgets online?

Looking for a professional event and wedding photographer at an affordable cost?

Seek a product photographer in Singapore?

No problem. Feel free to approach me!

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