Photography Tips: 5 Reasons To Own a P&S
Point and Shoot (P&S) Camera

Photography Tips: 5 Reasons To Own a P&S

When the smartphone camera becomes more powerful, and the mirrorless and DSLR becomes cheaper, why do you still bother to get a Point-And-Shoot (P&S) camera? Well, let’s go through this post today together.

1. Convenience and Easy to Use

Point and Shoot (P&S) Camera
Point and Shoot (P&S) Camera

P&S is lightweight, small, and compact. It is easy to fit into your pocket and carry around. It only provides an auto mode to you, no fine focus-adjustment, no aperture adjustment, what you need to do is really “point” the camera to your subject and “shoot” it, then it will give you the best result as it could.

Compared to the smartphone camera, most modern P&S come with optical zoom and even super optical zoom (20x~50x). That is the area that the P&S won over the smartphone camera, yet more convenient, lighter, and smaller than a high zoom DSLR. Besides, a good P&S costs much lesser than a capable smartphone camera too.

2. Make Yourself “Invisible”

If you think holding a P&S will make you invisible and you can slap your friend like nothing happened, then go ahead (I’m not responsible for that =P). The invisible here does not mean that invisible. It means that a P&S is small enough not to draw too much attention from your subject (if you are shooting a human being). Not everywhere is common to see a “pro” DSLR, so you might shock others when you lift your “pro gear”, and that might result in some unpleasant cases.

3. Waterproof

Waterproof P&S
Waterproof P&S

A waterproof P&S will be your first choice when you are looking for an affordable option. Yea, there are some waterproof accessories to equip the mirrorless and DSLR, but they are often more expensive. On top of that, they are not as convenient and comfortable to use as waterproof P&S. Therefore, if you are going to take some pictures in diving, please do consider the waterproof P&S.

4. As a Backup Camera

It is always good to have a backup for what you have, like your data, computer, plan, and so on. That applies to your camera too. Good P&S costs much less than a smartphone camera nowadays yet provides better image quality than the smartphone camera. Unless you are running a business or doing event shots, otherwise a P&S will be enough as a backup camera.

5. Keep Your Money Safe in Your Wallet


P&S is not lens-interchangeable, so you don’t even bother about which lens to buy. You can use a small, lightweight tripod for tens of dollars instead of buying a professional heavy, bulky tripod. No expensive camera bag is needed; the pouch which comes with your camera purchased will do the job well. When you take those costs into account, you will realize they cost you another hundreds/thousand dollars “unexpectedly”.

Bottom Line

The current technology has made the camera phone more popular, and the image quality is getting better than ever before. However, a dedicated P&S still produces better image quality at a lower price than a good camera phone. If you are traveling or attending any event, please do consider at least bringing a P&S along. It is lightweight, portable, and more capable than your phone camera.

Well, are you still confused which camera system you should look into? You may read my 5 Reasons to Own a Mirrorless and 5 Reasons to Own a DSLR. Welcome to leave your thoughts and comments here.

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