Photography Tips: 5 Reasons To Own a DSLR
Sony Full Frame DSLR - A99 Image taken from:

Photography Tips: 5 Reasons To Own a DSLR

Nowadays, the Mirrorless camera system has become a trend in the camera world. It provides the same image quality as a DSLR but has a smaller size and lighter weight. So why do you still have to bother to get yourself a DSLR? Let’s have a look together.

1. Professional Look and Feel

Sony Full Frame DSLR - A99 Image taken from:
Sony Full Frame DSLR – A99 Image taken from:

Regardless of you are carrying either APS-C or Full-Frame DSLR, you will give people an impression: “Wow! This guy is a professional photographer”. Why do you want to give people such a feeling? It is because you are running a photography business or paid to shoot some events.

Ordinary people don’t care about how much your gear cost. Even you are using an expensive full-frame P&S, but people will still question, “If it costs that much, why don’t you use the professional DSLR?”, or “Can I count on this photographer? I paid so much, but they don’t even have a DSLR.”

No matter how good your photography skill is, ordinary people will judge you based on the gear you are using. Give your clients the feeling that you are worth the price both before and after the event shooting!t shooting!

2. Best Performance

Undeniably, the current high-end DSLR camera outperforms any Mirrorless camera and P&S camera in the continuous shooting and autofocus speed.

The high-end DSLR has an incredible buffer size, which can continuously shoot for hundreds of photos before the camera stops. None of the current Mirrorless camera and P&S camera is capable of doing so. Yes, they allow you for continuous shooting but the buffer is maxed out so after taking 20 shots.

Phase Detection Image taken from:
Phase Detection Image taken from:

After taking so many continuous shots, you hope that every shot is well-focused. DSLR uses both the contrast and phase-detection focusing mechanisms. They focus faster and more accurately than the single contrast-detection focusing found in the Mirrorless and P&S camera.

The DSLR also allows more complex and precise technology mechanisms to be implemented in its larger camera body. DSLR equips all the best stuff and gives you a different performance experience than a Mirrorless or P&S camera.

3. Great Battery Life

With a single fully charged battery, DSLR can shoot an average of 500-1000 shots. Some top-end models are even capable of shooting 2000 to 3000 photos with a single fully charged battery. The DSLR easily outperforms the Mirrorless camera (300-400 shots on average) and the P&S camera (100-200 shots on average).

Besides, it is common that the DSLR has an extra battery grip that provides 2 to 3 times shooting capability. Such battery life is terrific for event shooting. You do not want to miss any great moments due to running out of battery.

4. Full Range of Lenses

Sony A-Mount Lenses Image taken from:
Sony A-Mount Lenses Image taken from:

Compared to the Mirrorless camera system, the DSLR camera has a complete range of lenses available. It is still a long way to complete the lenses for Mirrorless cameras. Although we can mount the DSLR’s lenses with an adaptor, it defeats the purpose of having the Mirrorless camera.

The Mirrorless camera might have only one 50mm lens, but the same brand DSLR might have several 50mm lenses available. On the other hand, a larger aperture lens like 85 mm F1.4 lens could be available for DSLR but not the Mirrorless camera. With the full range of lenses, you have greater flexibility to choose the lens accordingly to your preferences.

5. More Dedicated Controls and Ports Available

The DSLR provides many dedicated controls and connectivity ports, e.g., the dedicated exposure dial, aperture dial, mic input, wired tether port, more customized buttons, etc. Those dedicated controls allow you to instantly control your camera instead of scrolling through the camera’s menu. Besides, those ports will enable you to use professional external equipment like a mic, monitoring headphones, and wired tethering control.

Bottom Line

Although DSLR is bulkier and heavier, it is still the favorite of many professional photographers for its outstanding performance. Currently, DSLR is still the best choice for shooting sports events, wildlife, and business. If you are doing any of these, get a DSLR, and it will serve you brilliantly.

If you are still unsure which camera system suits you better, you may read my 5 Reasons to Own a P&S and 5 Reasons to Own a Mirrorless Camera, or simply leave your comments here. Thanks for your reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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